Why you can’t mix protein’s on our protocol.

Why you can’t mix protein’s on our protocol. Some people feel the only way to do the hCG protocol is to do it exactly as Dr. Simeon’s wrote it. Others may feel they can do anything they decide on hCG without consequence.

We feel that there should be a balance somewhere in the middle. We have observed a lot of people doing our protocol and the main difference for those who maintain their weight loss or not has to do with how strictly they followed protocol and changes in their eating habits as well as lifestyle. This is not to say that any modification is okay, certainly not.Mixing meat protein such as chicken/ beef with cheese or eggs in the same meal can slow your weight loss as your body metabolizes some foods differently. We have also allocated specific portion sizes and if you are mixing your proteins your overall portion size might be way too much. Make sure you are sticking to one type of meat protein in each meal at the required portion size.

Protein is a critical part of our diet. We need it to build and repair cells, and make healthy muscles, organs, glands, and skin. Everyone needs a minimum amount each day, that is why we have carefully worked out how much protein you should eat per meal for the best weight loss results.

Mixing your protein can also disrupt amino acid absorption and the liver’s conversion processes which could cause nausea, fatigue and other health complications.

Our protocol has been worked out specifically to make sure you achieve your desired weight loss goals. Stick to the portion sizes indicated in our program, do not mix proteins [meat, eggs and cheese in the same meal]. Also limit your red meat as per your booklet. Red meat is highly acidic and harder for your body to digest.

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