Why not list – Sugars

Having excess sugar in the diet can cause a range of conditions, including heart disease, weight gain, and diabetes. A significant risk of consuming excess dietary sugar is weight gain. As the body usually digests products containing sugars more quickly, they do not offset hunger for very long. This can lead to eating more regularly throughout the day. If you want to enjoy rapid weight loss results on our program it’s best to avoid these foods altogether: Some of the food to avoid is Bananas, Pineapples, grapes, litchi’s to only name a few fruits.

Milk contains amino sugar that can shoot up your insulin and halt your weight loss, another culprit when it comes to contain a lot of sugar id alcohol and also shoots up your insulin levels and can negatively affect your weight loss efforts These are the reason why sugar is not allowed whiles on our weight loss program and should be avoided at all cost as it can have devastating effects. You can look forward to losing as much as 10kg in just 30 days whiles on our amazing weight loss program.

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