Why follow our hCG Diet Version?

There are a variety of hCG Diets these days. The difference is how many calories you’ll eat on the diet, as well as which food ingredients you’ll eat. Is your plan still from another era or has it been updated to the new century?

Let’s get down to some information to help you decide which route to go

One main thing to keep in mind:

You do not have to only stick with 1 way of doing the hCG Diet your entire round – you can try something, and if you feel it’s not going well for one reason or another, you can adjust. That is why ‘n proper support system from US is key on your journey.

This article is not about deciding between hCG injections or hCG homeopathic drops – as they both do the same and have the same result, they are just administered differently.

Why would you choose our HCG DIET PROTOCOL

There are basically 3 decisions to make on this:

  1. CALORIES – will you follow a 500 calorie protocol and feel hungy all the time? No! With The Diet Doctor, we do not restrict your calories at all. Thus it is the HCG that does the work.
  2. FOODS – which foods will you eat on Phase 2? Will you keep it boring and plain like most “diets” or experience with your allowed list and create gourmet dishes.
  3. Support Support Support – Apart from around the clock Whats app support, we have a very active FB page where everyone supports, post meals, ask for help when ever they need it. Full support team that you can contact at any time should you get stuck.

Remember, this is YOUR decision. You will only be able to successfully follow what you personally feel comfortable with. Take in this information and decide what you’d like to try – then remember you can always reassess and adjust/change something if feel you should along the way.

When you choose to exercise on hCG:

Because we don’t restrict calories and monitor your protein intake, you will keep your energy and your muscle, SO if you are exercising and want to continue or start exercising while on the hCG Diet, even at a reduced intensity, that’s fine, however please note this is not mandatory.

The only reasons we advise moderate exercise is the benefits of feeling good hormones, raising energy levels, lowering stress levels and.. guess what hormone rises when you are stressed? Cortisol. A main weight gain hormone.

When you have a very intense job or work long hours or at night:

So if you have a job where you are on your feet all day, and back and forth, or just super duper busy like that, you do a LOT every day girl. First of all, pat yourself on the back, then acknowledge that your 5kms a day on your feet is not the same thing as a desk job.

We assist with meal replacements, options to eat on the go and what to do while travelling.

We newly partnered with Plated Convenience for an online selection of The Diet Doctor meals to be delivered to your door at a 5% discount.

When you are within 5 – 10kgs of goal weight:

You do find when you get to the point that you only have say 5kgs left to lose, hunger starts becoming more an issue that sometimes cannot be fixed by adjusting your hCG dose. Definitely DO trying adjusting it first.

But here’s what we think happens when you don’t have a whole of fat left and no hCG dosage seems to create the same non-hunger effect you used to get a heavier weight. It appears that the hCG hormone seems to have a harder time stimulating your leptin levels to create the same non-hunger state that you can experience on the right dose when you are still heavier. Leptin is a hormone, which when high, you feel full, and when low, you feel hungry. The hCG hormone seems to affect Leptin and raise it, causing us to feel not hungry on hCG- but like I said, when you are thinner, it seems not as effective. With that in mind, sometimes, as you get near to being totally done with the hCG diet and reaching your goal weight, your weight seems to slow down. We will be there to assist you to get through this phase.

Mixing Vegetables & Fruits – About That…

The original protocol involved NOT mixing your vegetables. With new statistics and research for our era, this is not a problem.

Mixing them will not impact your weight loss results. Just keep to your allowed fruit intake, and don’t mix fruit and veg during the same meal on your Detox phase.

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