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Why Alcohol Is Not Allowed On Our Program 5

Why Alcohol Is Not Allowed On Our Program

HCG Diet and Alcohol
While on our HCG diet alcohol is prohibited. The reason being is because it will slow your loss or actually cause you to gain weight. Alcohol can contain sugars and starches, which will have adverse reactions to your weight loss. We have had a few clients that had to entertain business clients or went on a vacation, where they followed the very low calorie diet, and mixed the HCG diet and alcohol. They noticed that their weight loss did stall for at least 3 days, and some even reported a gain in their weight. This is easy to fix and is not detrimental to your weight loss. You can simply continue on Phase 2 as normal and the cheat will rectify itself.
If you hit a stall where your cm’s and weight have stood still for 4-5 days, you can then consider the apple day/steak day (this is explained in your diet booklet).

HCG Diet and Alcohol Risks
While on the HCG diet if you consume alcohol, expect either a stall for 3-6 days in your weight loss or even a possible gain. The best thing to do is stick with the diet to ensure your HCG weight loss continues. It’s best to wait until Phase 3 (maintenance) before re-introducing alcohol into your diet. This will help give you the best weight loss possible while on the diet.

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