Top 5 reasons you should get rid of your Bathroom Scale.

That’s right you heard me. GET RID OF IT.

  • the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity
  • if the number on the scale dictates your mood for the day if your mind is not in the right place
  • it can’t indicate how “healthy” or “happy” you are
  • you will ‘punish’ or ‘reward’ yourself with food based on the number 
  • it causes stress and anxiety

Getting rid of your “contraption” is the most liberating thing you will ever do. It doesn’t have to be permanent, hide it for a month or give the batteries to hubby. Not being able to step on it every morning will become your new routine. You won’t be able to validate your self worth by that number daily until you get your mindset right.
When you get into the routine of forgetting about the scale instead of fixating on it, you will start to notice the most amazing changes in your mind and body. When weight loss is not at the forefront of your every thought, your body starts to adapt and will eventually become the size that’s most natural for you. When you follow our program your body will adjust TO It’s most natural form.

I know it sounds like a very strange and ridiculous concept to most of you, but its because the diet culture is so ingrained in all of our minds that we are forced to reprogram our neural pathways in the brain as the diet culture have been holding us hostage way too long.

Take your focus off weight loss! Eat because you enjoy it, honor your hunger, honor your fullness, move your body in ways you love, practise self love and stop defining your worth by a number on a stupid scale.

We recommend weekly centimeters and side by side pic comparisons, and bi weekly weigh ins, in order to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Be mindful of fluctuations due to water retention, muscle build and after effects of medication.
If you are able you can come to our offices in Centurion for a medical IN BODY scan that shows your entire composition in relation to water, minerals, protein, muscle, visceral fat and body fat percentage. This is the most accurate indication of abnormal fat loss. So yes your heart right….Ditch the Diet, Ditch the Scale!

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