The Importance of portion sizes

Whether you want to lose a few kilograms or just want to maintain a healthy weight, eating proper portions is as important as eating the right foods. A portion is the total amount of food that you eat in one setting. A serving size is the recommended amount of one particular food.

What are the benefits of portion control?

Better digestion

Too large of portion sizes contribute to indigestion and discomfort. Your digestive system functions best when it is not overloaded with food. Managing portions will help to end cramping and bloating after eating.

Balanced blood sugar

Overeating can lead to a blood sugar imbalance by overloading your body with glucose; which can eventually lead to insulin resistance. Smaller and balanced meals will help keep your body functioning properly.

Improved Satisfaction

When you eat too quickly, you don’t notice your stomach’s cues that it is full. Eat slowly and pay attention to hunger cues to improve feelings of satisfaction and ultimately, consume less food.

Use Your Hands

It is advised that you should measure food with your fist. One portion of fruit should be the size of your fist. Also use your palm to measure how much protein, etc. you should be eating. A palm is the size estimate of your protein portion, and your full hand (or more) is the size of a veg portion.

Weight loss

Eating smaller portions will help with weight loss. Choose balanced meals with proper serving sizes to help cut calories and shed unwanted kilograms.

Our weight loss program comes with a healthy and balanced meal plan with worked out portion sizes (All except for our vegetables which is unlimited). With the use of either our HCG drops or HCG injections and following our meal plan you can lose as much as 10kg in just 30 days.

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