Lize Mari

I was always an overweight child. Al through my primary school experience kids used to mock me and I used to really hate the way my body looked. I lost weight during high school and thought I would never be that girl ever again. But then life happened. I started picking up weight in my Grade 11 year and before I could even close my eyes, I was an overweight 1st year trying to cope with a new life and hating my body again. Then came along The Diet Doctor.

My cousin convinced me to try this amazing weight loss program. Because I had lost weight before, I knew how hard it could be and I was not really looking forward to the experience until I started it. I remember getting on the scale and losing exactly 1.3kgs in one day. I could not believe what my eyes were experiencing. I decided right there and then I’m going to follow this program and not even think about cheating or stopping.

This programme profoundly changed my life. The first month I lost exactly 10.5kgs. I wore a size 16 before I started the diet. I used to hate exercise. But thanks to The Diet Doctor here I am today rocking my size 10 skinny jeans, 17kgs lost, absolutely loving my body and being the amazing, confident, exercise-loving, and self-loving young woman with the world eating out of my hands.

Thank you, Diet Doctor.