I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life. Roundabout 2 years after high school I was going through a very difficult phase that left me feeling completely deflated and jaded. This is when the serious weight gain started. I use to brush it off as normal student weight gain. I made excuses for my need to purchase new clothes and I honestly didn’t think that bad. I refused to admit to myself let alone anybody else that I was stuffing my face with anything or everything in sight as soon as I was behind a closed door.

It was only after I read an article on emotional eating that I realized I was, in fact, eating to fill a void. Hi Everyone, I am an emotional eater. Unfortunately reading an article alone doesn’t do much to rectify old habits. I tried anything and everything no matter how ridiculous. Nothing worked. Instead, I just gained more weight and became more and more aware of my size.

When I heard about The Diet Doctor I just laughed cause come on 10kg in 30 days, yeah right! To my surprise, I lost 3.6kg on the Detox Phase! I was in complete shock when I finally saw that number going down on the scale. Not only did I lose weight, but I also learned so many invaluable lessons about diet and lifestyle. The support community picked me up when I needed it the most.

The recipes were convenient and tasty. Not once did I feel like I was on a diet. I didn’t starve. When I craved something there was usually a recipe made from alternative ingredients that tasted just as good if not better. I have since lost a total of 33kg and I finally feel like a human again. My energy levels are up, my confidence is through the roof and I have my life back.