When I heard about this program I thought that this is just the same old diet story and I won’t lose any weight! Boy oh boy was I proven wrong in the best way possible!

I started this journey in January, you know the new year resolution of losing weight and all that jazz, never in my wildest dream did I actually thought that losing weight would have been this simple, long term and so effective!

I had a slow start due to not being fully committed and not following the protocol, and I ignored the NO ALCOHOL rule completely! (I am young and love to be social).

After I lost 7.3kg in one month, and all the support I was getting from the ladies at the office, I could not deny that this Diet is working for me! I decided that I am going to commit fully and stick to the protocol and focus on my goal and I am truly ecstatic with my results thus far!

I have lost a total of 25kg in 3 months and 2 weeks! I am waiting for my new order to be delivered so I can drop my last 8kg and reach my goal!

I am very proud of myself!