Surviving your Year End Function

Changing to a healthy-eating lifestyle can be incredibly difficult. In your own home you can monitor what you eat and adapt your grocery shop so that you are making healthier choices. However, when it comes to dinner parties, events, or eating out, cracking under the pressure of delicious temptations is understandable.

We are all allowed indulgent treats now and again and a healthy lifestyle is all about getting the right balance. However, we understand that taking control of your dietary demons can be taxing, so here are our top tips for surviving a Year End Function when wanting to make healthy choices.

Eat Before You Attend

Similar to the motto of ‘don’t go food shopping hungry’, the same applies to any dinner party or event where food will be served. Don’t stuff yourself silly before you go but, also, do not attend ravenous. If we are hungry at dinner parties or events, we are more likely to make poor food decisions. Have a quick snack before you go, such as an apple or rice cake with fat free cottage cheese. This will take away any hunger pangs but also allow you to enjoy your meal out.

Treat Yourself

Again, particularly when at an event with a buffet, steer clear of foods that you could easily have at home, such as chips, crumbed chicken strips, or pigs in blankets. Go for foods that you would rarely indulge in other than when you are out such as scallops, lobster, or exotic and foreign foods which are allowed on our program.

Go Wild for Veggies

At events and parties, vegetables are often amped up. There will be sumptuous salads and vegetables glazed and roasted every which way. Sometimes vegetable accompaniments, particularly offerings such as cauliflower dishes or roasted Mediterranean vegetables, make a fantastic main when accompanied by some delicious tit bits.

Keep Hydrated

Try and steer clear of alcohol altogether but, if you happen to indulge in one just make sure your water intake is increased. Having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink is ideal as you will remain hydrated and won’t be overindulging in food due to actually feeling thirsty, which sometimes we mistake for hunger.

Focus on the Event

Remember that the food is not the crux of the evening. Steer clear of spending too much time near the bar or buffet table as it can be too tempting to graze continuously. Spend time talking to others and soaking up the ambience.

Satisfy Your Hunger

This point is particularly relevant to evening events. Whilst you don’t want to over indulge at the event, you will also want to satisfy your hunger enough so that you don’t return home and pop a pizza in the oven at 10pm. When you are eating, listen to your body and focus upon how your stomach feels. Any hunger or empty feelings will subside and once you are full you will feel a slight pressure in your stomach and this is your body’s way of telling you to stop eating.

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