Setting your diet goals!

Let be honest, it is not always easy to come to the decision that you need to lose weight, but it has definitely happened to most of us at least once in our lives. Either somebody said something or you looked at yourself in the mirror and decided that you need to get rid of that muffin top you’ve been carrying around for the last couple of years and but kept on blaming it on the last child you had.

When you have made the decision to get yourself into gear, you will need to have a plan of action following with your decision, otherwise it will just be just another empty promise you made to yourself and did not keep up to.

Here are 5 Tips to help you set up your goals easily.

1: Be Specific

First you will have to figure out what you really want. For example, you may ask yourself.” How many kilograms would I like to lose” or “How many kilograms would I need to lose to improve my health”

2: Set Short term and Long-Term Goals

Short term goals are those that you can see within a few weeks, they are the stepping stones or building blocks is for your long-term goals. So, if your long-term goal is to lose 30kg then your short-term goal could be to lose 5 or 10kgs. So, to get to your ultimate long-term goals you will first need to reach your short-term goals first.

3: Stay Realistic

Don’t start by setting yourself up for failure. That means be realistic when you are creating your goals. So, if you know that you won’t be able to gym 5 times a week then do not create your goals to try and achieve this. Rather start of by setting a goal for 3 times a week and then gradually work yourself up to 5 times a week and before you know it you would have surpassed your goals.

4: Establishing your state of mind

Remember that weight loss goals can also be behavior goals or “state of mind” goals. These types of goals will include:

Journaling about your experience and creating positive daily affirmations.

Keeping a food journal

Eating Slower

Paying more attention to the ingredients in foods

No negative self-talk

5: Stay open minded

Keeping an open mind means being flexible and is key to success. It takes time to break old habits and create new good habits instead. Sometimes you are going to fall off the wagon. Dust yourself off and get right back on that horse. Life happens. There is no need to punish yourself over a small slip up. Remember to stay motivated by celebrating the non-scale victories. Like fitting into something again. Being able to play with your kids. The more positive you are the easier it becomes

With our weight loss program, you will be sure to reach these weight loss goals in no time and look forward to losing as much as 10kg in just 30 days.

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