Diet Doctor Collagen with Vit C & Peptan


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What You Get:

  • 1 x Premium Quality Collagen with Vitamin C and Peptan x 30 Servings

Our great tasting premium quality Peptan Registered Collagen can be used as a cold drink or added to your shakes and smoothies. Our type 1 Bovine Collagen also contains no fillers and assists with Skin Elasticity, Lean Muscle Mass, Joint Health, Bone Health and has superior Anti Ageing properties. Worried about loose skin, stretch marks and fine lines? We got you covered. Strong nails, thick luscious hair and a glowing complexion is all in a days work for this powerhouse combo.

30 Servings per container.

Current Flavours:
Very Berry Blaze
Orange Popsicle
  •  Hydrolyzed Collagen, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate, Glucosamine Sulphate, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Gluconate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Iron Amino Acid Chelate,Co-Enzyme Q10 Citric Acid, Flavourant, Non-nutritive sweetener (acesulfame K and sodium cyclamate).
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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Diet Doctor Collagen – Orange Popsicle, Diet Doctor Collagen – Very Berry Blaze

12 reviews for Diet Doctor Collagen with Vit C & Peptan


    Best product on the market.1000mg vit c to fight covid with peploc and collegen .it taste delicious

  2. Sunet Du Preez

    I have used other collagen products before, but absolutely prefer these. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also actually works amazing. My hair, skin and joints looked and felt great on these. I struggled with terrible hair loss, and see new hair on a regular basis, my arthritis ankle also felt so much better. And oh, the vitamin C that is needed for this to work optimally, is an added benefit to boost the immune system.


    Oh, my goodness. What a nice product. So tasty and helped me with my water intake. My skin, hair and nails were in a horrible condition due to Thyroid Hashimotos, I now get so many compliments on my glowing skin, healthy hair and baby soft skin. Absolutely worth every sent!

  4. Magdalene Breda

    Just love the Orange Popsicle Collagen! As a sworn diet cooldrink addict before I started the program, I’ve never missed it. I mix mine in a huge glass with ice cold water and top it up with sparkling water. My favourite drink with dinner!

  5. Nola van Aswegen

    The collagen is my absolute favourite of all the Diet doctor products. Results are in that my sons (22 and 19) look like my siblings…to see the photos go to the Facebook page. Unfiltered photos with such beautiful comments. The mirror does not lie!

  6. Cathy Ungerer

    This is the first time I have used a collagen. Pains in my bones and feet are gone I am convinced it is because of the collagen. I get my water intake in with this too.

  7. Gerda Holmes

    This is one product I cannot go without. The Berry Blaze is my favorite. It is super super tasty. I drink a glass in the morning and then use the rest in my water for the day. My Hair Growth has been phenomenal. My Mom is now also drinking it daily for her joint and bone pains. It is really superb.

  8. Angelique stamatiou

    I look forward to drinking my berry collagen drink each day! It is so delicious, and is doing wonders for my nails and hair!

  9. Mari Louise Leicester

    I can’t recommend this product highly enough. Not only is it helping me with my daily fluid intake, I’ve also found my hair growth is incredible and my nails are looking better than ever.

  10. Joyanne West

    This is seriously the most amazing product. It has made an enormous difference to my skin, my hair and nails and the compliments are just rolling in! I have given it as a gift to friends and they are hooked! So delicious whizzed up in my nutribullet with ice after my exercise. Get it now !

  11. Grace Hendricks

    After using the diet doctor collagen I finally understand the hype about collagen,it really gave me great outcomes. My skin is healthy & glowing. My hair is fuller & strong and my nails are stronger & longer,no more tips for this girl. The taste is amazing in both flavours & after all the 14,7kgs wt loss my skin still has elasticity.


    I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Berry Blaze Collagen. It really helps with your water intake and the taste is just amazing. I use it in some of my dessert recipes as well. So it’s not just for drinking.

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