Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Protein Shakes


Our premium quality great tasting Shake can be used in 3 ways: 

  1. Shake
  2. Hot Drink
  3. Desert

*You can substitute up to 2 main meals per day:

4 Delicious Flavours!


The Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Protein Shakes

These superior tasting shakes will have your tastebuds quivering with excitement. This is an ideal option for those who lead a busy lifestyle and need something on the go. It can be used as a traditional shake, a hot drink or a dessert. They are low G.I, gluten free, carb conscious and contain no stimulants. Up to two of your main meals per day may be replaced with our shakes. There are 30 servings per container.
Flavours include:
Strawberry Cream Kisses
Belgian Chocolate Avalanche
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Cinnabon Milktart Explosion
  • Ingredients: Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Proteine Isolate, Fibersol, Fructose, L-Glutamine, Guar Gum (thickener), Sodium Chloride, Non-nutritive sweetener (acesulfame K and sodium cyclamate), Piperine.
Nice to know
  • Amino acid supporting recovery and immune function.
  • Help reduce food cravings and give the body the needed energy.
  • Studies have linked l-glutamine with weight loss whilst preserving lean body mass.
  • A complete protein (contains all essential amino acids) source and is the lowest acidic protein of all which makes it ideal to balance ph levels as a great source of protein.
  • A serving of whey protein supplies nearly half your daily value of A, C and each of the B-complex vitamins.
  • Whey absorbs and is utilized very quickly compared to other proteins.
Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
Choose Protein Flavour

Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Strawberry Cream Kisses, Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Belgian Chocolate Avalanche, Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey French Vanilla Ice Cream, Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Milk Tart

11 reviews for Diet Doctor 3 in 1 Lean Whey Protein Shakes


    Super good product.delicious to drink or to eat frosen.flavours are to die for

  2. Sunet Du Preez

    I have tried every flavour over the past 4 months and cannot pick a favourite. The best tasting shake I have ever had and so extremely versatile! I love using it for baking waffles or pancakes, adding some to my coffee or just have it with some water. Best of all – AN ENTIRE MEAL in a scoop.

  3. Elizma du Preez

    For someone not being able to eat breakfast this is my absolute go to breakfast. All your necessary protein for your meal and fills you up for the next meal. In winter I have it as a hot drink, summer as a cold drink, made different baked and deserts. Such a versatile great tasting product. Absolutely in love!

  4. Magdalene Breda

    I would never describe myself as a shake person, but now I easily replace 2 meals on busy days with this versatile shake. My favourite by far is the Milktart, warm with an extra bit of cinnamon, and the French vanilla, cold with frozen fruit and/or veg blended. I will even after I’ve reached my goal make sure I always have some of this shake available as a go to meal/treat!

  5. Nola van Aswegen

    What a convenient way to substitute a meal. My favourite (used to be) the Cinnabon Milktart Explosion Shake with percolated coffee. This day the strawberry shake, blitzed with frozen strawberries and blue berries is just the thing for the nice summer days! These shakes (the chocolate flavour can be used in making DELICIOUS Chef a la Lana zucchini chocolate waffles). I have it for breakfast!!

  6. Cathy Ungerer

    These shakes are a must I have tried vanilla, Strawberry and Milktart. I can’t choose they all are divine. Strawberry with some fresh strawberries in is yummy. Milktart in coffee on cold days and vanilla just for every other day and with frozen zucchini is so yummy. besides this you can use them in making yummy treats.

  7. Gerda Holmes

    Shakes are never really tasty; it is always watery and you kind of have to just drink it as fast as you can to get it in. Oh my word, these shakes are creamy, and almost taste velvety on your tongue. I love the chocolate and the Milktart explosion, I add some cinnamon to the Milktart Explosion and often also drink it hot, it is a very tasty treat and perfect as a grab and go meal when you are having a busy and rushed day. This is a must to have…as you don’t only have to drink it but can use it to make delicious desserts, the chocolate waffles is my fav with chocolate sauce.

  8. Mari Louise Leicester

    This product is a must for anyone with a busy schedule. When you are out and about or not able to prepare a healthy meal the Lean Whey Protein Shakes are incredible in helping you get the correct nutrition & avoid any cravings or hunger pangs. Plus, it tastes amazing!

  9. Joyanne West

    I am crazy about these shakes, especially the Vanilla flavour as it is so versatile. I add my berries or coffee to the powder and blitz it up with ice for my breakfast treat! It also means I can use it to make the waffles, pancakes or flapjacks which make me feel as if I am also enjoying those treats! What diet?

  10. Grace Hendricks

    The perfect meal replacement that can be enjoyed in so many ways-as a hot drink,I sometimes add coffee & have it for breakfast, as a desert and enjoy it frozen or as a chilled drink. The taste feels like you having a cheating treat & it’s creamy & filling. Love how thick it becomes when left to stand for a few minutes unlike the other shakes that become watery instead when standing long. All of the flavours I had are so Devine can’t even decide which one is my favourite.


    I just LOVE the MilkTart Explosion. Its soo yummy hot or cold!!

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