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Are you committed to yourself?

There’s one person you should be able to rely on for your entire life, and that should be you. The person you stare at in the mirror should be the person you can trust wholeheartedly. How much are you willing to do for her? How far can you push her? How much can you support …

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Top 3 Sugar Buster Tips

Sugar is highly addictive and is classified as legal cocaine. The more you eat, the more you want. Not only can this mess with your hormones, emotional, and mental health, but it can be linked to many modern diseases too.   Here my favorite 3 tips to beating the sugar craze: Tip #1: Remember that …

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Time to hydrate.

With temperatures rising, exercising in the heat without adequate hydration can cause a number of issues, including fatigue, weakness, heat cramps, and heat stroke, it can also be a significant factor affecting your stamina, endurance, and health. Conventional wisdom says you should drink six to eight 8 cups of water per day, but that’s only …

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I want to start but I’m scared?

We get so many gorgeous souls getting in touch saying “what’s the point?”, things are never going to change?, I’ve tried everything out there? Here’s something to think about… So often we feel the things we do are not going to make a difference… “Why would this time be a success?” ”Who do I think …

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Self Care Saturday


Even amidst positivity and a flow of yeses, nothing is more powerful than a solid NO. Saying NO means taking back your power. It means doing what you feel is best. It means self-care. Say NO to Skipped Workouts You can be busy and fit. Time seems to accelerate at year’s end. Now more than …

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Ever asked yourself what happens when you get out of your own way?

Losing weight requires calling yourself out on your bullshit. It requires a level of discipline and honesty you can’t imagine until you’ve lived it. It requires waking up every day and making the conscious decision to do what seems tedious, uncomfortable, annoying, and inconvenient. I know that’s what I have to do quite often, I know …

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Payflex NOW available!

Really want to make your Dream Body a reality NOW. Why not get going NOW and pay it off? It is as simple as it sounds. Only pay 25% when you purchase and pay off in 4 easy installments, it is that easy. So why wait, get the new you today. Get your package now and …

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We celebrate drum roll… Warrior: Natasha Cronje  Total weight loss: 8.5kg Total cm’s loss: 73.5cm I started my journey on the 15th August 2021 and looking in the mirror was a miserable experience. I started at 66.5 kg with a height of 165 cm giving me a BMI of 24.4 which is technically still within …

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Wellness Wednesday: Speak to Yourself Kindly

This Wellness Wednesday we want you to remember something important.   So repeat after me:   The way you speak to yourself is just as important as getting in your exercise.   Say these 3 things👆👆👆 to yourself every morning, afternoon and evening.   Write them on sticky notes around your house or stick them …

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