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So by now you have probably tried just about every diet under the sun like the keto genic diet, banting, soup diet just to name a few with little to no results at all. You keep on looking in the mirror and don’t see that much result and you are getting fed up right? It’s not easy following a diet program that does not yield the desired results after nearly starving yourself to death every time. You are just about to give up on dieting for ever and don’t see another way out of the whole you are trapped in? And are most likely wasting your money on products that does not seem to work for effective weight loss.

Likely we have the solution to all your problem. We use a product called HCG Drops or HCG injections for effective weight loss. We also follow a very specific eating plan created by an endocrinologist with over 25 years in treating metabolic disorders. Our protocol is one of the most updated protocols on the market and allow you to have 800 calories instead of the 500 calories as stated in the old protocol created by Dr Simeons in the 1950’s. Unfortunately, Dr Simeon’s died in the 1970’s and since then the protocol has been updated. Our protocol consists out of 3 Phases,


We offer two forms of HCG one being our HCG Homeopathic Oral drops and the other being our HCG injections. The difference between the two is as follows. The Drops need to be taken 3 times a day 15-30 minutes before a meal. So with the HCG Drops you would need to do a little but more planning as to our HCG Injections. The HCG Injections you would only need to take once first thing in the morning and also follow our Meal Plan for the rest of the day. They are both just as effective it’s just the way of getting the HCG into your system that changes.

Phase 1

The first Phase is a 3 day detox, were you will either be having fruits or vegetables for the duration of the 3 days, this will help your body get rid of all the toxins and impurities and getting your body ready for the journey ahead. This phase is a very important part of our HCG weight loss program. After you have completed your 3 day detox you will move over to phase 2.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists out of 3 main meals and 2 optional snack. You would be required to eat 800 calories per day and if you are still hungry have more vegetables for the allowed list. You can stay on our weight loss program until you have reached your weight loss goals or for a duration of up to 6 month before you need to take a break for 6 weeks. You would need to follow our protocol as indicated in our Diet Booklet to reach your optimum weight loss results.

Phase 3

This phase is there to make sure that you do not pick up the weight that you have just lost and gets your body ready to transition back to everyday eating. This is also a very important part of our HCG weight loss program and should not be skipped at all.


No exercise is required on our HCG weight loss program for weight loss, but we do however encourage you to exercise 3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time. But if you do more than that t listen to your body.

Our HCG weight loss program will be your last diet ever. Our weight loss program will help you get rid of Fat, Get rid of wobbly thighs and all your abnormal fat today. We also have a support system in place to assist you on your weight loss journey should you have any questions or concerns. Get ready to lose that extra kilograms and strut your stuff on the beach come holiday season. Look amazing in just 30 days on our weight loss program. Now that you have read all about our HCG weight loss program, are you ready to start your weight loss journey today?

You can purchase your HCG Drops or HCG injections directly from us here today.

All the best on your weight loss journey and make it count this time around.

Call us today on 078804750 should you have any questions on our program on how to lose weight fast

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