Not hitting the gym right now? How about this alternative?

Maybe you are to shy to hit the gym or feel intimidated by all the big guys throwing around the weights, and with most social places putting measures in place for interaction we will be here to spice things up and get the blood pumping in your own environment! During the next few weeks we will load some exciting videos to get you active at home. Nothing better to get you active the next 3 months with progressive 1month beginners, Intermediate and Advance 20 minute workouts. Quick to do, easy to follow and you can use things around the house to replace weights should you not have access. In the meantime let’s look at your options.

It’s hip, It’s hot and it’s happening! And it’s called Les Mills! For an amount equal to a very affordable gym contract roughly R 210 per month you can even join their app: .

What is different about Les Mills’ workouts vs. other workouts?

The full experience, really. The music is amazing. The moves are choreographed to fit with the music, and the programs have a specific essence — so while you generally know what to expect, the moves and combinations continue to change to keep your body guessing during every workout.

Not only are the programs are safe, but they are based on research to get you the best results — with tons of professionals working behind the scenes to create everything seamlessly. And basically, there’s just something different about how the classes are laid out, and you will notice the quality from the second the music starts and the well-trained instructor begins coaching you.

What kind of programs does Les Mills offer?

The Les Mills programs include a little bit of everything, for basically anyone …

  • BODYPUMP – Full-body resistance training with a barbell and weight plates
  • BODYCOMBAT – Martial arts using bodyweight and no equipment
  • BODYATTACK – High-energy sports conditioning using bodyweight and no equipment
  • BODYSTEP – Aerobic and strength using a step and weight plates
  • CXWORX – Functional core training using weight plates and a resistance band
  • GRIT Series – High-intensity interval training, strength, cardio and plyometrics using various equipment
  • BARRE – Ballet-inspired core strength using small weight plates
  • SH’BAM – Welcoming party dance using bodyweight and no equipment
  • BODYJAM – Super fun dance using bodyweight and no equipment
  • BODYFLOW – Yoga, Tai Chi, mind/body using bodyweight and no equipment
  • TONE – Strength, cardio and core combination for all levels using weights and a resistance band
  • RPM – Cycling using an indoor bike
  • SPRINT – High-intensity interval training on an indoor bike
  • BORN TO MOVE – Youth

Where does the name Les Mills come from?

  • Les Mills is actually a person, and the namesake of the New Zealand-based group fitness company. Les Mills was an Olympic athlete, and his children and grandchildren are still running the company today. Operations are mostly in New Zealand, with a U.S. office in Chicago too.

Who can do Les Mills workouts?

  • Literally anyone. When I look around at the members of my classes, you have people of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors and abilities, and everyone works to their specific level. I mean it. There are options for everyone in most of the Les Mills classes, outside of a couple of the classes labelled high-intensity interval training, like GRIT Series and SPRINT.

Which Les Mills classes are best for beginners?

  • I always think that BODYPUMP is a great place to start. If you are new to BODYPUMP and head to a gym to take the class, I highly recommend showing up early and talking to the instructor beforehand and letting them know you are new. You can even use an empty barbell or bodyweight your first time and leave after the first four tracks too. You’ll want to know how to squat and deadlift before heading in, so work on those two movement patterns using the hip hinge.
  • Other than BODYPUMP, RPM is a great place to start for cardio, because there is no impact, you are on a bike the whole time and there is absolutely no pressure to know what you are doing in a dark cycle room.
  • You can give BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT a try but know that the combinations may be a bit confusing and you can take out all the impact and shoot for finishing the first half of class only. I would not try GRIT Series, BODYSTEP, SPRINT or BODYJAM to start, because these are a little bit too advanced with choreography or difficulty level.

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