MFM LUNCH – Roasted teriyaki mushrooms and cauliflower noodles


3 250g containers of button mushrooms

1 tbs coconut oil

1 tbs white vinegar

2 tbs liquid stevia

2 tbs tamari (gluten free soy sauce) or soy sauce

1 tsp grated ginger


1 pack of cauliflower noodles [from Woolworths]

1 tbs coconut oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

½ shallot, diced

2 bunches broccolini, ends cut off and if the stems are thick cut them in half lengthwise

5 stalks kale, cut into shreds


Heat a large pan over medium heat and add coconut oil and onion. Cook onion until softened, 3-4 minutes. Add the chickpeas to the pan and roughly mash them with a potato masher. Next, add all the seasonings. Stir until combined and cook until everything is heated through, 3-5 minutes. Lay lettuce wraps flat and spoon in chickpea mixture. Top with your favorite toppings and enjoy.