Today we are going to explore the Top 7 Ways to Fail Losing Weight on the HCG Diet

7 Ways to Fail Losing Weight on the HCG Diet

07.Drinking Liquid Calories   If you don’t follow any other rule while on the HCG Diet, please follow this one.  Out of the Top 7 Ways to Fail Losing Weight on our HCG Diet, this is the number one way to ensure a disaster.  The only beverages that Dr. Simeons approved for the allowed food list are water, black coffee and tea.  Things like Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Soda, Cream, cappuccino, Fruit Juices, Milk and are NOT allowed.   These liquid calories, have been associated with weight gain, and are not how you should be getting your 800 calories.  Liquid calories will not give you the energy, or

  1. Not using the proper hcg or the right dosage   You should NOT be hungry if you are following our HCG Diet Protocol exactly and your dosage is correct. Make sure to refer to your diet booklet for dosage instructions.  If you are purchasing homeopathic drops, make sure to use them correctly.  Get your real Homeopathic HCG drops on this website.
  2. Eating foods that aren’t on the Allowed Foods List of following food lists and Serving Sizes Exactly  Dr. Simeons (the physician who created the HCG Diet) studied the HCG Diet and experimented with the food list for over 20 years. So, he tested this list thoroughly and found that THESE foods and THESE foods only should be eaten on the HCG Diet for best results. Plus, the items on the list must only be eaten in the quantity defined by in our booklet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. Detox Phase  Detox Phase is very important for success on our HCG weight loss program. By doing the Detox you are getting rid of toxins and impurities out your body and it’s a big jump start to your weight loss journey.
  4. Working Out   If you were exercising regularly before starting the protocol, you should continue, but make. We recommend doing exercise 3 times a week for 20 minutes. If you are doing more exercise than that I would recommend just listening to your body.
  5. Not eating all of your 800 calories   It is so important to eat all of your 800 calories.  Out of the Top 7 Ways to Fail Losing Weight on the HCG Diet this is, in my opinion, the second most important.  I hear from so many people that they want to lose more, so they are only eating 500 calories.  You are going to starve yourself, and gain weight if you do this.  Your body needs all of those precious 800 calories each and every day.  You need to be eating the allowed foods, and eating as close to 800 calories a day as you possibly can, if you are still hungry after having your 800 calories, then you can have unlimited amounts of vegetables from the allowed list.Top 7 Ways to Fail Losing Weight on the HCG Diet
  6. Cheating   Don’t do it.  I cannot stress this enough, just do not cheat.  However, cheating does happen, and it most likely will happen.  I believe everyone cheats at some point.  Just remember you will most likely see a gain the next day, and if you cheat, don’t let is sabotage your entire diet, just stop and move on.  Plan on it taking an extra 1-2 days to get back on track after a cheat.  You really need to think hard before you cheat.  Is it really worth it?  You can do anything for a month, including following the HCG Diet protocol without cheating.