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Important notes to remember when dressing for your body type after weightloss

Dressing for your body type after weight loss.

Here is a few tips that I recently learned regarding dressing for your body type that i thought i want to share will all of you.

So now you have lost the weight and need to start dressing for your all new and hot little figure, where do you start?

Do yourself a favor and look at the way that you look at your best friend when you are checking her out next time you see her, cause believe me we all do that unknowingly every time you see her. Your eyes will follow her from her head down straight down to her toes. We all checkout one another on a regular basis. Your eyes follow from the head down to the toes and if you pick up something that is not pleasing to the eye within these brief few seconds it can determine how people see you. So it is very important to dress correctly for your body type.

Getting the right bra is one very important aspect of dressing correctly.

Important notes when buy a new bra

Wearing the right bra is like putting on your make up in the morning, it is a must if you want to look sexy and have the right posture for the day. If your bra is not supporting you correctly it will make your trunk area seem shorter and intern make you look bigger.
When last have you made sure that your bra straps are actually holding up your boobs and that they are both on the same settings. When choosing a bra you need to remember these 2 very important notes:

1.When fitting a bra make sure that there is no extra pieces popping out the side, if that is the case you need to up your cup size.

2.Always make use that you fit your bra on the tightest settings as your bra will lose some elasticity while wearing. If your bra is pulling up and creating a V you would need to take a size smaller.

3. Makes sure that your bra has padding on the side so that is pushes your boobs to the front as you do not want your boobs to look like it stretches from underneath your one armpit to the other.

Dressing to make you look longer or shorter.

Always try and create the elision that you are longer or shorter with the cloth that you wear. The more prominent layer you wear vertical will make you look shorter, so if you are already short then this will make you look even shorter and might even make you look bigger too.
If you wear less layers you’re vertically this will make you look longer and also make you look skinnier…

Wearing a high heel shoe will also give the impression of being longer and skinnier, as were a flat shoe will do just the opposite. But if you naturally a long person then perhaps high heels are not the right fit as you would want to look longer than you already are.

Never wear anything exactly in the middle of you body. One way to determines this area is to take your height and divide it by 2, measure on your body where this is and make sure never to wear your clothes that is starts or end on the area as you do not want to create the illusion that you body is divided exactly into 2 as this will make you seem bigger.

Look at yourself and start loving the person in the mirror… We are so easy to criticize but never give ourselves any compliments. Start give yourself compliments and you will start loving the woman in the mirror too.

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