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Important notes to remember when you are on our program

  1. Only mix your vial when you are ready to start the program. The HCG will start losing potency on around day 35.  Make sure you keep your HCG in the fridge once mixing.
  2. If you are using the homeopathic drops make sure you don’t put it in the fridge or close to large electronic appliances as this will affect its potency
  3. It is VITAL that you take a before Picture and  your body measurements before embarking on this journey.  Sometimes the scale wont budge but you will still lose centimeters. We cannot adjust your program should we need to without your measurements.
  4. You can substitute 2 of your main meals per day with our protein shake.  It comes in Vanilla, Strawberry and chocolate. There are 30 servings per container.
  5. Should you feel the need to make use of an appetite suppressant we do stock  “The Secret fat burner, Rozess Slimming Effervescent or Duromine 30mgs
  6. The Detox phase should not be skipped. This is specifically put in place to flush your body of unwanted toxins and prepare your body for the transformation process
  7. Only food from the allowed list may be consumed whilst on the program.
  8. No alcohol may be consumed
  9. No milk or milk substitutes may be consumed whilst on the program.
  10. It is normal for weight-loss to stall. Should it stall for longer than 4 days  you can jumpstart it by doing a steak or apple day ( Please see booklet for a detailed explanation)
  11. The average weightloss is 2-2,5kgs per week depending on the amount that you need to lose. Do not panic if you lose more in your first week than in the second., this is due to the detox. As long as you stick to the protocol you will reach your goal.
  12. Stress creates a hormone called cortisol. This is also known as the “fat” hormone.  So stressing about the nr on the scale is counter productive to your weight-loss journey.
  13. It is vital that you get enough sleep when following any diet program.
  14. Not eating is also considered cheating. Make sure to eat your protein intake at every meal. Snacks are optional
  15. Drink at least  2-3liters of water per day. Green tea will maximize your diet and counts towards your water intake
  16. For every cup of coffee  consumed you must drink an additional 250ml of water per day
  17. If you are feeling constipated you may use Movicol.
  18. If you have a problem with a sweet tooth you can try making a fruit salad with zero calorie jelly.
  19. Remember there will always be chocolate, wine, chips ect. It is not disappearing from the planet and you do not need to have it right now 😉
  20. Motivate yourself with a picture or mantra and keep your eye on the goal and this will be the last diet you ever go on

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