Importance of getting rid of food that tempts you.

Find yourself wanting to lose weight, yet giving in at the first sign of temptation? Do you do great until the moment you start losing weight then allow yourself a cheat day that never ends? We have some great advice for you! We’re going to share the best tips on how to avoid fast food and sweet cravings THAT REALLY WORKS!

Drink 2 full glasses of water – Many times when we crave food, it is really our body telling us we are thirsty. Not only will drinking water keep us hydrated, it fills us up before we give in to that chocolate candy bar!

Clean out the kitchen – If you have chocolate ice cream and coffee cake in the kitchen, odds are you are going straight for them when a craving hit. Get rid of all the empty carbs and fattening foods and replace them with strawberries, apples, peaches and oranges to kill that sweet craving when it hits.

Take the long way home – If your weakness is fast food and you pass Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s on your way home every day, try another route. Finding a scenic route or alternate way home can keep fast food drive-thrus out of sight and out of mind. Also, keep some provita’s or melba toast in the car to take the edge off when passing by your favorite fast food place.

Brush your teeth – Keep trial size toothpaste and brush your teeth at work or whenever you’re tempted by fattening or sweet foods. You can also pop breath strips or chew sugar gum that is allowed on our weight loss program. You can also make some zero-calorie jelly and have us much of that as you feel for to ease your craving for sweets stuff.

We know leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, but the benefits are so worth it! Look at the big picture – when a craving hit, meditate on how great your future looks when you are fit and healthy and finally fit into that jean that you swore you would in a month from now.

We will assist you not just in letting go of all the extra kilograms but also to fight of those cravings should they arise… We will support you and help you not to follow temptation but to fight back against it.

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