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Importance of B12 for Weight Loss 5

Importance of B12 for Weight Loss

Importance of B12 for Weight Loss

Many people receive Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Injections on a regular basis to boost their energy levels but do you know the importance of this valuable nutrient for weight loss?

  1. Supports Energy: Vit B12 keeps your cells fed, happy, and healthy. Without it, your cells get hungry and you feel weak, tired, and like you’re dragging all the time. The nutrient releases energy into the cell and provides you with the appropriate balance you need for thinking and moving throughout your day.
  2. Protects Your Heart: One of its jobs is to remove a dangerous protein called homocysteine from the blood. Too much homocysteine damages your arteries leading to inflammation and heart disease. Get enough B12 & you’ll keep homocysteine levels down and your heart happy.
  3. Your Bones Need It: Studies have found patients with osteoporosis have higher levels of homocysteine & low levels of B12 than people with strong, healthy bones.
  4. Prevents Nerve Damage: Your nerves have a protective covering to keep them safe from toxins and free radicals in your blood. Vitamin B12 supports the way your body replenishes this protective covering.
  5. Improves Mood & Outlook: Your brain uses a chemical called serotonin to regulate your mood. If you aren’t getting enough B12, you may find yourself feeling down. So when you are feeling like this while on our weight loss program,make sure you go to your local pharmacy for a B12 injection.
  6. Protects Brain Health: In the same way B12 helps protect nerve cells, it helps protect the myelin sheaths of brain cells.
  7. Keeps You Looking & Feeling Young: Aging happens when your cells begin to wear and tear, and they age faster when your DNA doesn’t replicate correctly. Many factors can affect DNA replication, like free radicals, toxins in the blood, high blood sugar, and high levels of omega-6 fats in your diet. B12 supports DNA health, thereby keeping your cells younger. And when your cells are young, you look and feel young too.

Did you know that Vit B12 can be found in many protein rich products as well as animal products such as eggs; cheese, red meat, yogurt ,


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