I’m not feeling well, now what?

You’ve committed to a healthier lifestyle and are exercising several times a week. You’ve replaced the junk food snacks, processed foods, and refined sugars with weekly meal prep and healthier snacks. So how come your whole body hurts and your stomach is off?

Relax. Any time you change up your diet, you might feel a little different for a while. Here’s what happens to your body when you eat healthier (and why you shouldn’t give up on your new habits)!

When you shift to a healthier lifestyle and commit to cleaner eating and regular exercise, your body can experience a whole lot more than weight loss. Your diet can impact your brain chemistry, your gut microbiome, and even your hormone production.

Here’s a look at what happens when you clean up you’re eating and how that affects different areas of your body.


·       digestive slowdowns (or occasional constipation, due to a low-fibre diet or not drinking enough fluids)

·       more trips to the bathroom (due to increased fibre intake)

·       stomach cramps (thanks again, fibre!) and even nausea

When cutting out sugars you may experience:

·       headaches

·       nausea

·       dizziness

Studies show that when cutting back on added sugar, it takes time for the brain to acclimate to not getting the regular hits of dopamine sugar provides. It suggests that there are adverse effects of prolonged sugar intake (from sweet food or beverages) on long-term psychological health. It also suggested that lower intake of sugar may be associated with better psychological health.

Sugar Detox symptoms are common and usually subside in just over a week.

“If your brain is accustomed to a consistent supply of sugar — via flavoured beverages and sugary treats, not to mention the hidden sugars in products like bread and processed foods — a sudden halt to the sugar supply can make you feel less than your best. Be assured this is only temporary and you will feel on top of the world in no time.

I have flu-like symptoms now what?

Please know that this is also normal especially now with the seasonal changes. The trick is to not put any pressure on yourself. Get enough rest, adhere to your eating plan, soups are always a great option, and make sure you stay hydrated. If you put extra stress on yourself, you will raise your cortisol levels that will also affect your efforts.

All prescribed meds from your GP are allowed as well as added VIT C and other boosters. Just take caution when it comes to cough syrups as they are filled with sugars, try to opt for sugar free cough medications.

Please know that all the above is temporary and you will feel stronger and more energised in no time.

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