Healthy Foods to Eat When Cravings Strike

Many people get the urge to eat unhealthy foods, especially when they’re on a diet. In fact, it’s thought that around 50% of people regularly experience food cravings, which can derail their attempts to eat healthy. However, some healthy foods feel quite indulgent. This article details healthy foods that can satisfy your urge to eat without sabotaging your diet:

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is naturally very sweet and a great choice when you get a sugar craving. In addition to tasting great, fruit is an extremely nutritious snack. It provides prebiotic fibre, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds, all in very few calories. Furthermore, eating fruit has been linked to better health and a lower risk of diseases like heart disease and obesity. So, go ahead and have that apple when the craving strikes.

Fat Free Plain Yogurt

Plain Fat Free Yogurt tastes creamy and indulgent, but it’s also really healthy. It’s lower in sugar than regular yogurt, and it’s a good source of calcium, B vitamins and beneficial bacteria. This combination of nutrients makes it a great food for both your bone and digestive health. Moreover, topping your yogurt with fruit may provide additional health benefits and nutrients. Just remember that when you do have yogurt this will count as one of your protein servings for the day and yogurt is only allowed twice a week whilst on our weight loss program.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a mild-flavored cheese product that’s low in calories but very nutritious. Despite containing only 163 calories per cup, it consists of about 70% protein and contains good amounts of calcium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. The high protein and low-calorie content of cottage cheese can make it a really good snack choice, especially if you are trying to lose weight. This is because high intakes of protein from dairy foods like cottage cheese have been shown to help people feel fuller longer, which could help you eat less and lose weight. Just remember that cheeses like cottage cheese is only allowed once a week whilst following our weight loss program and is also count as part of your allowed protein for one of your main meals, so choose wisely.

Vegetable Chips

Vegetable chips are another choice for those who are prone to craving potato chips. They are made like potato chips, but they’re made from vegetables like seaweed or kale instead, zucchini to name a few instead of potatoes. However, some commercial brands of these chips can be as high in calories, salt and fat as regular potato chips. To be sure you’re eating a low-calorie and healthy snack when you choose vegetable chips, make them your own at home.

The Bottom Line… Food cravings can be tricky to deal with. Fortunately, the healthy snack options in this article can satisfy your cravings and serve as nutritious additions to your diet. If you can, try planning ahead and having healthy snacks on hand to stop yourself from reaching for junk food and messing up your diet. So, you can use these tips to make sure that you don’t give into temptation when the cravings hit.

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