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Our HCG Protocol Vs the Original Protocol 5

Our HCG Protocol Vs the Original Protocol

Our Modified HCG Protocol 500-800 Calorie The “Original” Dr. Simeons Protocol
§  500 to 800 calories daily – LCD – Low Calorie Diet §  500 calories  daily – VLCD – Very Low Calorie   Diet
§  Eat breakfast to include additional protein and fruit. This is your most important meal of the day §  No breakfast (optional fruit  serving  only)
§  A LCD; is safer than the original VLCD §  A VLCD does not account for evolution in our bodies and the   way our foods are processed and prepared
§  More selections of green vegetables, greater  protein content and extra fruit servings §  Limited food choices
§  Multi-vitamin/minerals highly suggested §  No  vitamins  except calcium
§  Take all medications prescribed by your MD §  Suggested to  stop all medications
§  HCG available in sublingual form and sub-Q Injectable §  Dr. Simeons gave his patients only intramuscular injections
§  Detailed HCG Assisted  Diet instructions to give you every advantage for a successful program §  Simeons  “Pounds and Inches” written 50 years  ago, is too scientific for the common person to understand
§  Detailed  Stabilization Phase 3 suggestions for success §  Phase  3 is  vague and confusing to most
§  Recipes for both the 2nd and 3rd phases of the diet §  Not as many food options



Our program is much easier to follow than the Original protocol, so our success rate is so much greater than the Original protocol.

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