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How HCG Helps to Reset Your Metabolism and Change What Kind of Foods You Crave 5

How HCG Helps to Reset Your Metabolism and Change What Kind of Foods You Crave

HCG actually burns up abnormal fat cells and the HCG diet helps to reset your hypothalamus. Dr. Simeons described the process of the HCG diet protocol as tapping into the abnormal fat deposits, and further proposed that HCG diet drops potentially affect your hypothalamus and your base metabolism.

The HCG diet protocol inherently is an effective Detox because only a small amount of food is eaten each day and all of the food should be quite healthy. This alone gives your entire system rest from the onslaught of unhealthy, processed foods and drinks people typically take in. Some experts feel the HCG diet acts as a Detox and allow your hypothalamus to clear itself of the chemical build-up that could be preventing weight loss and re-establishes the natural functioning hormone release of the hypothalamus.

This Detox (while most may not realize they are going through it during this fast weight loss program) can actually change what foods you crave.  For example, when coming off of the VLCD (very low calorie diet) phase, many HCG dieters are surprised that they crave peanuts, eggs, and cheese (high protein, low carb foods) when they finish the HCG diet.  And they are so happy that their minds are no longer plagued by the constant junk food cravings!  This, of course, requires you to not cheating on the full duration of the program in order to help cleanse the body’s hypothalamus and metabolism to give you a restart.

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