How Do HCG Diet Drops and the HCG Diet Affect Blood Sugar?

If you’re new to the HCG diet and HCG diet drops, you may be wondering if they have any effect on your blood sugar, especially if you’ve had issues with your blood sugar in the past. Those with diabetes may be particularly concerned. Is the HCG diet safe for someone with diabetes? What effect do HCG diet drops have on blood sugar, if any?

Before we get any further, it’s important for anyone with diabetes or other blood sugar disorders to talk to their physician before starting any diet or using any dietary supplements. This article is not medical advice and cannot be substituted for the advice of a physician. The HCG diet can be effective for people with diabetes as long as they are careful and work with their doctor. It may be necessary to alter the diet plan to ensure proper blood sugar levels.

HCG diet drops themselves should have no effect on blood sugar. HCG diet drops are designed to reduce hunger, balance the hypothalamus, and speed weight loss without affecting blood sugar directly.

The HCG diet plan, however, will affect blood sugar. During the Detox phase, as your body will be detoxing, it’s likely that your blood sugar will fall. When you move into the core 800-calorie diet phase, your blood sugar should be higher and stabilize. During the phase 2 of the diet you’ll be eating very few carbohydrates. Depending on the fruit you choose to eat, you are likely to be getting just 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrate per day. This will keep your blood sugar at a relatively stable level that’s lower than it would be if you were eating more calories and more carbohydrates.

As your body gets used to the lack of carbohydrate, particularly glucose, it has to rely on other sources of energy, particularly for the brain. Your body is forced to turn to its fat stores for energy in a process called ketosis. Although ketosis isn’t required for burning fat, ketosis is a sign that your body is in an increased fat burning mode.

Many people have found that their blood sugar levels improve drastically during and after the HCG diet. For the average healthy individual, HCG diet drops and the HCG diet pose no problems for blood sugar and can prove to be a great benefit.