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Getting & Staying Motivated while Exercising & Losing Weight 5

Getting & Staying Motivated while Exercising & Losing Weight

Getting and Staying Motivated while Exercising and Losing weight

January’s gone and it’s time for you to look back at the fitness and weight loss results you may have made at the beginning of the year, and ask yourself a few questions.

Are you still following your resolution? Are you managing to achieve your weekly/Monthly weight loss goals?

Are You on Track With Your Plans?

For those who have already stopped what they started – maybe your goals and plans were too ambitious to start with.

Now is the time to realign your goals and lifestyle so they tie in together.

If you struggle to do anything then setting a realistic and achievable goal of say 10 – 15 minutes of movement per day would be a great start, this could be going to a walk or bike ride or something simple at home like putting on some music and have a good dance about the house, anything that get your heart beating faster and gets you breathless for the required amount of time.

If you’re inside all day then try and do something outside, the fresh air almost doubles the energy enhancing effects of exercise and also helps you feel more at peace with all the clear air.

Challenge Yourself

If life is getting in the way, try making a couple of weekly challenges for yourself:  one for Monday to Friday, and another for the weekend so you can slowly get to your goals. You can also start a Simple Weight loss program like our HCG Program.

You could enlist the help a friend and challenge them to a work out and follow the program with you.

The Rewards of Exercise and Simple Weight Loss

If you’ve managed to stay on track, you’ll be noticing benefits along with our weight loss program now.

You’ll be starting to feel different, energised!  The scales may say the same numbers but your fitness will have improved.  Your stamina will have increased, your heart and lungs are already adapting to the extra work load and for the better!

We continue to burn calories at an enhanced rate in the period immediately after a bout of exercise so those fat cells will feel the squeeze too.

Know Where You Started

A good motivational resource I like to rely on is to do a Fitness Test at the start of a program of change.                           This gives a benchmark to measure against.  We often forget what we were like when we start a program of change.

The test should include cardiovascular, strength and flexibility elements.

  • How long does it take you to walk/run/bike  – 1/3/5 miles
  • How long does it take to swim X number of lengths
  • Using time, see how many of something you can do, say 30 seconds or 1 minute.
    • Lunges
    • Squats
    • High knee
    • Press Ups
    • Crunches
    • Full sit ups
    • Climbing the stairs / using stairs as a step.
    • Sit on a chair and stand up again

For flexibility tests

  • Can you touch your toes?  How close can you get?
  • Can you look over both shoulders easily?
  • Can you balance on 1 leg?  And move the other one at same time
  • Do you slouch?

And finally some general questions about how you and your body feel?

  • Am I mainly happy or unhappy
  • Motivated to change or not
  • Do I feel overly tired
  • Do I sleep well or wake often
  • How bad do I want to change
  • How much effort am I prepared to put into this

Exercise paired with our amazing Simple Weight loss program will yield magnificent results and will also help you keep of the weight for good and get rid of big thighs forever.

Call us today on 0788047505 for more info on our Simple Weight Loss program.

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