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Come Join our Support Group on Facebook.  You would need to request to join Click here(Insert link is support available there 24/7 just about and you will be able to ask questions and share recipes and get the support needed for a successful weight loss journey. Look amazing in just 30 days on our weight loss program and receive all the support you need from the Face book Group link above.

Tips for Getting Started Correctly: First and foremost, read your Weight loss Manual provided to you from cover to cover.. We don’t think anyone should undertake something like this without first getting their homework done.  

During Detox your body will be getting rid of all the toxins and impurities to prepare you for your weight loss journey. The first 3 days is very important to achieve optimum weight loss on your HCG journey.The average loss of weight is about 2-2.5g per week and varies from person to person as each individual’s weight loss journey is different.

Starting your weightloss journey

We start off with a 3 day Detox phase to help you get rid of all the toxins and impurities and also to help you with the transition into healthy weight loss with our weight loss program. Helping you break the bond with your unhealthy eating habits that has gotten you in this position in the first place.

We do not follow the original protocol were you need to do the Loading phase as we found that your body loses more weight if the loading phase is not implemented but instead doing the Detox phase were you will already lose weight quickly right from the get go.


It just takes away precious losing time. You may not see the affects of cheating the next morning when you step on the scale, however, you will see it show on the scale for up to 3 days and some have reported that it can take up to a week of no weight loss for just one cheat. It is so not worth halting your weight loss for up to a week for just a few minutes of pleasure. You didn’t work this hard to through it all away in a moment’s weakness. Don’t give into temptation.


Use Stevia , canderel or xylitol for sweetening.).It is however better to try and not use any sweeteners as they are not all good for you.


You may periodically struggle with hunger, however most people do not.  The typical time to see hunger issues is when hormones are fluctuating.   Some people experience hunger in the beginning due to Detox .This usually will wane after 3-4 days.  Drinks lots of water and tea as tea also counts towards your water quota for the day. . If you are hungry then increase your water or tea intake.  Always listen to your body.  If you are hungry, just have as much vegetables from the allowed list as they are unlimited and will help you get full and not add that many calories. Your body will confuse dehydration for hunger so drinking liquids usually solves the issue. Adding caffeine (i.e. coffee and teas that are not decaffeinated) will cause a dehydration effect, so always follow up with water. Don’t forget to drink at least two litters daily and more if you have caffeine beverages. You need to drink 250ml of water for every caffeine drink in addition to your normal eight glasses a day to help get rid of fat.


Detox baths are a good way to start your journey. It is recommended to cleanse and Detox when starting our weight loss program. You can also do this throughout the protocol. Pour 500g. of Epsom Salt into a very warm bath with 500g. baking soda. Soak in tub of warm/hot water – as warm as can take water for at least 20 minutes. Do not shower off until next day. You may feel light headed, dizzy, weak and completely drained after a detox bath (which is a symptom of weak adrenals), so doing it around bedtime is a good idea. Epsom Salt “detoxes” your body by drawing out the toxins and replenishing nutrients that your body needs and it can make the skin feel nice and soft. Baking soda increases CO2 levels in the blood, which dilates blood vessels and increases circulation, causing a “tired” feeling.  It is sort of like “chemical exercise”.  The magnesium and bicarbonate are getting flooded with minerals and nutrients. Magnesium is a natural mild sedative and is great inside and out for reducing muscle spasms and strains. Sometimes taking fresh squeezed orange juice with a little sea salt and sip during the bath can help this. Take advantage of the relaxation to get a good night’s sleep.

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