Feeling self conscious at the gym and how to overcome it.

New Year New Goals right? You bought new workout pants with the best of intentions, and then almost immediately regretted your decision when walking into the gym?

This just doesn’t feel like the place for you. It’s easy to feel “out” at the gym, what with all the weights being thrown in the air and everyone looking like they know what they are doing. The thing is, though, all that angst and worry is completely made up. Everyone there is just like you: They just want to get in and get out.  So it’s time to get over it!

1.    Remember: Everyone started somewhere

Do you want buns of steel but can’t quite muster the courage to clamber onto that intimidating looking glute machine? Are you supposed to sit on it, squat under it, lift the bars, what? The idea of making a complete fool of yourself in front of the handful of people around you is too unbearable and so you abandon the idea and beeline for the smoothie bar. Remind yourself that at one point and time everyone in that gym was where you were, and they just took the time to learn how to do it. So square your shoulders and approach the beast. We all had to start from the bottom.

2.    You get Confidence by Going. …

It’s almost like an evil cycle: You don’t feel confident enough to go to the gym, which means you don’t have a chance to prove to yourself how strong and capable are, which means you’re forever stuck in this slum. Time you stop yourself from doing anything at the gym because of low self esteem, remind yourself this: Once you do it a couple of times, you’ll be confident in it. But all you need to do is start.

3.    They are not looking

The next time you avoid the weights room or don’t clamber onto a machine because you’re 100 percent certain everyone is staring at you, put the situation into perspective. Think about the last time you stared at someone hard during your own workout. Did you ever? Did you think a tirade of mean thoughts about how they’re trying their best and taking care of themselves? No? Well, neither is anyone else. So just do your thing.

4.    Stay Focussed

You’re there to kill it with your body. So instead of focusing all your attention on the outside elements, zero in on your body and pay attention to how it moves, strains, and endures. Switch your focus from those around you to how your body feels at it moves. You’ll feel proud, excited, and pretty impressed with what you can handle, so keep the focus on that. Feel good hormones will kick in, in no time!

5.    Shake it Shake it.

It’s going to be hard to care how many people watch you flail at crunchies when you have Pitbull in your ears urging you to slay. To feel less self-conscious and more in tune with why you’re there (to become a beast!) put on pump-up music and let it inspire you to go nuts on your routine. Let them all melt away as your tunes takes over.

6.    Build your TRIBE! Surround yourself with inspiration.

You’re not the only newbie on the block — there are a ton of people just joining the game, and you can get inspiration from their healthy perspective. Most people think ‘Good for you!’ or ‘I used to be there, too.'” Other newbie’s are feeling the same and wishing they have a tribe…so say hi….

You see them looking all nervous, strike up a convo…invite them to join you with cardio.

7.    Fail to plan is planning to fail….Rock up with a Game Plan!

A great way to avoid the whole “wandering aimlessly and scared” bit at the gym is to come in with a game plan. Print out one of our weekly workouts to take with you so you can follow along with ease or just open it in your VIP Slimming Lounge.

Another great way to make you want to leave your inhibitions and slay at the gym is to watch videos from “This girl can” they are absolutely amazing!

So put your gym pants on, tighten that ponytail and rock it girl — you’ve absolutely got this!

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