Tips and guide on how to not cheat when eating out:

Tips whiles on phase 2:
We sometimes run into the challenges of being invited out to a restaurant and then you first thoughts are that you will not be able to stick to protocol and end up cheating. Don’t set yourself up for failure but rather set yourself up for success.Here are some tips and guide whiles eating out:
-Rather go for a salad with grilled Chicken breast or steak etc. Keep it simple and ask your waiter to remove anything that is not allowed.
-Ask your waiter to have your Chicken or steak grilled plain. Avoid anything that has been marinade as the are loaded with sugar etc. Rather ask them to prepare it with lemon and salt and pepper. -Order Sparkling water or have a diet cooldrink instead.

Tips whiles on phase 3:
-Avoid sauces and gravies as there could be added sugar and starches add to them.
-Exercise caution with salad dressings and condiments and stick to vinegar.
-Avoid bread and potatoes or starchy sides and rather other extra vegetable’s instead. Most restaurants allow you to pick your side, so choice wisely. You can top your vegetables with butter salt and pepper and lemon juice.
-Most protein are allowed, but yet again be on the lookout for anything marinated and rather try and keep it as natural as possible.
-And for dessert you can have fresh fruit.

Best advice you can give yourself whiles dining out is to stick to basics whenever in doubt don’t order it.Shift your focus from the food and more towards socializing and having fun with family or friends. As you continue through this life altering weight loss journey, you will soon realize that you are changing not just from the outside but from the inside too. A new and healthier you are just around the corner.

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