Dairy and which is better?

Is it Natural to consume Dairy?

A common argument against dairy is, “Is it natural to consume?”

Not only are humans the only species to consume milk into childhood but we also the only once to drink the milk of other animals.

Cow’s milk is intended to feed a rapidly growing calf and adults do not need to grow.

So now humans are consuming cows’ milk and then do not understand why it is making them gain weight.

Lactose in milk!!

Main Carbohydrates in dairy is lactose, this is a milk sugar composed from Glucose and Galatose.

The amino sugar in milk also has a very negative effect on your weight loss efforts as milk shoots up your insulin levels and either halts your weight loss or have you pick up weight.

In the process of creating yogurt and some cheeses the amino sugar is removed and causes the cheese or yogurt to contain more calories than just milk.

Also be aware of any Fat Free or Sugar free dairy produces as they usually have a lot of chemicals added to either make them sugar free or fat free.

We do not recommend using any milk whiles on our weight loss program but cheese can be eaten once a week and yogurt twice a week. You can look forward to lose as much as 10kg in just 30 days on our weightloss program.

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