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Clever marketing makes many foods seem healthier. 5

Clever marketing makes many foods seem healthier.

Clever marketing makes many foods seem healthier than they really are.

There are many products on the market that appear to be really good for you. Often, however, these foods are not what they claim to be and have a lot of hidden things in them that is not good for you. Some examples


The correct portion size of muesli, as part of a kilojoules controlled weight loss or maintenance diet, is between 25 and 50g, or approximately two to four level tablespoons, depending on the specific brand. Choose muesli with a sugar content of less than 10g and a fat content of less than three to five grams per 100g serving, and be sure to keep portions between 25–50g, depending on your overall energy requirements and weight loss goals. Just keep in mind that Muesli is not allowed on Phase 2 of our program, but can be used in while on Phase 3 of our Healthy Weight Loss Program.


The general perception of smoothies is that these can be a healthy snack or meal. The average store-purchased smoothie reveals that a 340 ml smoothie contains the energy equivalent of eight slices of bread! The sugar content can also be high due to the use of sweetened flavoured yogurts, a lot of fruit, added honey, agave syrup or even fruit juices or nectars. It would be better to make your own smoothies with spinach, kale, carrot or cucumber and so on.

Energy Bars

It is often thought that grabbing a “healthy” energy bar in place of a chocolate is the better, more health-conscious choice. Unfortunately, these “healthy” options can be higher in energy than a chocolate bar, or sometimes even a full meal! Some of these bars contain hidden sugars which can cause a high rise in blood sugar levels. This may lead to rebound blood sugar lows, bringing about fatigue, headaches and hunger cravings.So go for the healthier option instead like 30g of lean biltong, a serving of fresh fruit or provitas or cracker bread. You are also not allowed to have Energy bar on our program and you should try and avoid them even after your weight loss yourney.

We offer a Simply Diet that consist of a balanced meal plan along with the Daily use of HCG Drops or HCG Injections.

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