Cheated-Now what?

So, you gave into temptation and cheated. It is not the end of the world, but can affect your weight loss efforts and set you back a few days. Here are 5 things that you should do after you have cheated.

Drink water
The weight that you have gained after cheating is most probably not fat but actually water weight. So up your water intake to help flush out all the extra salt that you have consumed. It is important to stay hydrated the day after you have cheated so you don’t retain any more water.

Expect to gain
The biggest consequence on cheating on our HCG diet is weight gain. Not everyone gains after a cheat,but most people do. When you see the scale go up, don’t freak out. You will feel discouraged but remember this is just the consequences from your actions. You diet is not ruined know, all it means is that you need to fight harder to stick to diet so you don’t do this again and again as this can have devastating affect on your weight loss journey.

Stay positive
It is easy to down yourself after you have cheated, most people feel like they have failed but this is not true as you have come a long way already and only made one mistake and you are also human. That is why we also don’t like to call it a cheat meal but a treat meal as this take the negative overview away from cheating. Going of protocol is not always the best idea, but instead of spiraling out of control after a cheat we now take charge and own it by saying it is a treat meal and not a cheat meal. Staying positive is vital as this will play an important part in your mental psyche.

Don’t over correct
You will be tempted to try everything to get the weight off. While it will seem logical it isn’t always the best strategy. Some of the most common post cheat blunders are:
Skipping Meals- Skipping Meals can actually cause a gain. Skipping a meal will slow down yourmetabolism and your likely to gain the next day.
Doubling up on HCG- Increasing your HCG will not speed up your weight loss results, you are just more luckily to run out of HCG faster and without any benefit.
Doing and Apple day- Don’t do an apple day unless your weight and centimeters have been standing still for more than 3-4 days. Apple day are not there to correct your cheating but is there to help with your stalls. After a cheat day your body needs to get back into routine of the diet. Once your routine is back to normal and steady you will start seeing results again, this can take up to 3-4 days.

Cheating happens to the best of us, you can be the strictest person alive and still give into temptation every now and again. Follow these tips above afterwards and you will be back on track and before you know it you have lost 10kg in just 30 days.

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