Can Men use HCG?

When most people think of diet plans, they usually think it is specifically aimed for women. However, our Hcg diet plan can be used by men and women. So, when the question comes up if men can use HCG for weight loss, the answer is YES. Since our bodies are very similar, HCG will have a similar effect on men that makes it ideal for weight loss purposes.

Is HCG Safe for men?

Can men take HCG? Absolutely. Hcg for men is mostly the same as it is for woman. It will also boost your immune system and metabolism, burning stored fat instead of muscle.

However, HCG effects on male can also be very different than those on females. HCG has been known to boost testosterone levels, thus producing very beneficial effects on males, such as increased energy etc. This makes the HCG in males a good supplement not just for dieting purposes.

Benefits of HCG for Men

Since the HCG hormone acts like the LH hormone in men, this causes an increase of testosterone, which helps produce more energy, vitality, stronger muscles, increased sexual performance and increased metabolism.

Hcg benefits are different for men than for women but still ends up in weight loss results. Men also end up losing even more weight over a period of time using HCG than women. As you can see the benefits are enormous for men using the HCG injections/drops.

How HCG will help with weight loss

Hcg in women has the effect of making the body process food meant for two people instead of one and also using your abnormal fat cells and increasing your metabolic rate too. However, HCG weight loss for men is due to increased testosterone production which ends up having similar or greater weight loss results. Such as increased metabolism, increased muscle mass and low excess body fat and of course all resulting in overall weight loss.

So, if someone asks you the question “can men use HCG?” Yes, they can.

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