Apple vs Steak Day

There are many different ways The Diet Doctor protocol allows you to bounce back from a small weight gain or a cheat, and while it may not always be easy, it is very helpful and gets you back on track quickly. You have two options to break your plateau after you experience a cheat day: Apple Day or Steak Day.

Apple day: During an Apple Day you consume nothing but six green apples and unlimited water. Try to space the apples out throughout the day to curb your hunger. The green apples help your body detoxify from your day of cheating. The apples will expertly help you get your diet back on track, so the kilos start to slip away. 

Steak Day: is usually the backup plan if Apple Day does not break the plateau. During Steak Day you will eat one large steak. You can also drink a limitless supply of water throughout the day. 

Choose one plateau breaker

You should never try both the Apple Day or Steak Day on consecutive days. Use one plateau breaker and then check your weight for at least two or three days to determine if you are again losing weight. Always weigh yourself in the morning after you have used the bathroom and keep track of the weight’s number. 

Stay hydrated

If your cheat included foods that are high in sugar, fat and sodium, drinking more water can help your body flush out toxins and any excess water that it may be retaining due to the content of the food you ate.  Drink enough water so that you are visiting the potty regularly and your urine is virtually clear in color. One great way to start feeling better and to even get rid of cravings is to stay hydrated. Add a liter of water to the normal amount of water you usually drink in a day to get back on track.

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