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About Us

We are a group of doctors & nutritionists dedicated to eliminating various weight related issues. We offer a wide range of comprehensive weight loss programs designed to reprogram your metabolism. With the comprehensive help of our endocrinologist, who has over 25 years experience in treating metabolic disorders we have some of the most successful & updated weight loss programs on the market. There are a number of factors that contribute to weight gain; one of the most influential contributors is the hypothalamus gland no longer functioning optimally. With the use of daily lipolytic injections or oral drops along with our specific eating plans & programs you can lose undesirable fat in areas such as your belly, chin, love handles, thighs, arms, buttocks & reset your hypothalamus gland to optimal functionality.



The main objective of our programs are to raise the Leptin levels in your system. Leptin is a hormone that is formed in your fat cells and controls your entire “fat-metabolism”. It is also responsible for the control of hunger and cravings. If your LEPTIN level is LOW your body tends to store food as fat and you don’t feel satisfied easily. With the use of daily injections or oral drops and following one of our programs it causes your body to attack the abnormal fat deposits whilst leaving the structural fat and fat reserves in place to keep your body healthy. This process mobilizes the abnormal fat into the blood stream to be burned off as energy and puts anywhere from 1500 to 1800 calories in your system per day. This allows you to utilize a low calorie diet while still maintaining your strength and energy levels.

When a person who is overweight tries to lose weight by implementing a very low calorie diet without the use of HCG, the dieter will first lose normal fat reserves followed by the burning of structural fat. Both of these two types of fat are essential in our bodies. Lastly the body finally starts to burn abnormal fat (bad fat). Once this happens, the dieter will begin to feel weak and hungry until the dieter finally gives up. Worst of all, if there are signs of weight loss, it is usually not in the desired areas (hips, belly, chin, arms, thighs and buttocks) the good fat is diminished and the bad fat stays.

With the use of HCG and one of our programs, you can start burning abnormal fat immediately while leaving the structural fat reserves in place to keep your body healthy.

Reports show an average loss of ½ kgs per day. The most amazing part is seeing those inches melt away as the abnormal fat deposits begin to disappear. Clients report an improvement in complexion, a drop in high blood pressure, and even a reduction in wrinkles.

What we offer is about more than just losing weight and looking good on the outside. It is about changing how our bodies look inside and thereby avoiding or reversing the lifestyle diseases that will make you feel tired, age you and steal your health. Our program can be used by men, women and children who have reached puberty (around 13-16 years old) with no reported unsafe side effects.

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