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Your weight loss taking too long?


Do you need to lose weight fast?


Did you put al the weight back on?


Have you tried it all?

What do you have to lose except the weight? Join our Diet Bet today.

Not only can reach your goal weight BUT you can stand a chance to win the Diet Bet Pot currently at R 3000 (and still growing daily), along with a Mini makeover and Photo shoot.

All of this with with unconditional support.

How to enter:
-Purchase a month supply of either our Drops or injections at our Sale price of R1299 and R300 of THIS will be going into the Diet Bet Pot SHOULD you opt to join.
– Do EITHER an in-body Scan and submit it to us (You can do it free of charge at The Diet Doctor offices or go to your local gym or dietitian.
-OR send us Photo proof of you on a scale that shows your weight with a paper and the secret word “LAST DIET EVER”, get creative for this one.
-Send your pics, weight and centimeters through to us on

Use our #dietbetsa with everything you post if you are competing for those amazing prizes.

Grand Prize Winner – At the end of the 3 month we will pay your diet money back to you, a Mini Makeover, Photo shoot and Pot Money currently at R3000 and growing daily.
VIP Prize Winner – Person who adds the most people to the Diet Bet will also get their Diet Money back along with a Mini Makeover and Photo shoot.

You can start at ANY time, we will regularly post the Scoreboard, but end date for weightloss will be 31 March 2020.

Winner will be based on weightloss, cm loss and best transformation.
Winner will be announced on the 1 April 2020 via Facebook Live.

* Purchase must be from 2020.

Recipes & Articles

3/4 cups halved strawberries 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp lemon zest 4 scoops powdered stevia 1/4 tsp xanthan gum 200g fat free cottage cheese DIRECTIONSPlace the strawberries in a

Whether you're just a few kg’s away from your goal weight or are still working towards your goal weight, there's no reason to wait on looking great. Mini makeovers throughout

98% Agreed The Diet Doctor Program Is Easy To Follow.
92% Agreed When They Followed The Program They Did Lose The Average Weekly Weight.
85% Agreed They Formed Lasting Healthy Eating Habits.
82% Agreed They Didn’t Gain Weight After Stabilising.
88% Agreed They Didn’t Need Another Month’s Supply After Stabilising.
94% Would Recommend The Diet Doctor To A Friend.

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