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Maintaining your Weight Loss after our HCG Program. 5

Maintaining your Weight Loss after our HCG Program.

Maintaining your Weight Loss after our HCG Program.

After losing the weight on our HCG Weight Loss Program it is very important to do the stabilisation part of the program as this will help you not to put the weight back on that you have lost. This is just as important as the diet it’s self.
 This is where you slowly start introducing food that you didn’t while you were on Phase 2 of our weight loss program. Do not panic or stress now that you are off the HCG diet just take it one day at a time and don’t go crazy still try to make healthy food choices as much as possible to help you keep off the weight for good.

Planning and Routine

Plan your weeks meals ahead of time so that it will be easier to stay on track. Having a routine is great for keeping and sticking to healthier food choices. Obviously there will be days and times when you will binge or overindulge on something not so healthy but don’t feel guilty or stress. Give yourself a 2 – 3 kilogram leeway. After all you’re only human and your body is not a machine and occasionally you do need to splash out, but just remember to go straight back into your good eating habits.

What Can I Do If I Gain Weight?

You can however correct any gained weight from your binge by eating healthy again for a couple of days and that should sort it out.
However after having lost all the weight with the HCG remember your metabolism and Hypothalamus is working at its optimal level and thus will help keep your weight steady. Remember as well you have been on a 800 calorie per day diet therefore your appetite won’t be huge and you will automatically eat less and choose healthier options. You will eventually find the weight plateaus and stops going up and down. Do not restrict yourself but try not to overindulge, everything in moderation now and you should be fine. If you feel up to it you should seriously now consider regular exercise as well to keep in shape. A Brisk walk 3 times a week would be a good way to start.
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