3 N 1 Lean Whey Protein and Immune Boosting Multi-Vitamin with Moringa Combo 

Let’s be honest with ourselves.. We’re certainly not going to be following our healthy diets this holiday. 🤫

How can we with sweet treats all around us and easy take away for dinner…

Now more than ever it’s essential to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs so you don’t feel awful in the new year! 😌


Our 3 in 1 Lean Whey Protein Shake and Immune Boosting Multivitamin with Moringa Combo will give you the all round benefits your body craves.

🌱 Our 2 month supply Multivitamin with Moringa boost your immunity, assist to maintain focus all whilst firing up your metabolism.

🥤 Wash it down with our Lean Whey Protein that gives your body a great source of energy & supports recovery as well as immune function. This 3 in 1 lets you use it as a shake, hot drink or dessert.

* Limited stock available. Make sure you place your order to avoid disappointment this festive season🎅


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