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10 Tips to remember when keeping journal for weight loss. 5

10 Tips to remember when keeping journal for weight loss.

The power of a journal is to help keep you accountable and make you more aware of where you are coming from and where you are going to. In this journal you will write your goals, aspirations and motivation. Write down every day what you have eaten for the day and how you felt when you did so. This will help you take control of your emotions. Here are 10 tips for keeping a journal for weight loss.

1.Keep your food Journal on your nightstand

Make this a habit and start writing things down as soon as you get up in the morning and before you go to bed every night. Bedtime is always the least distracting time to sit and write what you ate and how it made you feel.

2.You can also write as you go

If having to write everything you ate for the day is too much, then perhaps write as you go and quickly after each meal journal in your meal and emotional connection if any.

3.Make it travel friendly

Whether you are a minute by minute or just before bed journaler, make sure that you get a notebook that is portable and easy to travel with. Have a journal that you can take to work, on vacation or wherever you may go as this will help you from falling off the wagon.

4.You can even go Digital

These days everything is digitalized and for some it is easier keep track on an app than having to write things in a physical journal. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have our smart phones glued to our pockets right through the day. With this said there is no excuse not to journalize the day food etc.

5.Get the picture

Studies have shown that people that tend to take more selfies than others, tend to lose more weight that people who shy away from taking selfies. Try adding a photo of yourself in your journal or dairy to track your progress and help keep you motivated.

6.Be specific

Being specific is probably one of the most important aspects of keeping an effective weight loss journal. It is easy to say I had a Chicken salad for lunch, but try and write word by word what you ate for the day. Like for instance, I have a chicken salad with chicken, lettuce, tomato, onions, celery and some olives (I know I was not allowed to eat olives on the program but tomorrow I will try harder to stick to program). 

7.Get emotional

Part of being specific is about getting emotional. You don’t want to simply write about what you ate but how it made you feel. Did you derail from protocol when you and your partner had a fight etc. This way you can see how your emotions is playing a roll in your eating habits. So next time you will know to be more cautious when you do have a fight with your partner to derail from protocol as you are now aware of your habits.

8.Be Honest

You might feel guilty about the chocolate you ate today and might not want to write it down in your journal. Being honest is in journal is of vital importance as this will show you were you derailed and why. Address your mistakes and write them down so you can learn from them in the future.

9.Try a First draft for your next day

Draft your next day meals up in your dairy / journal so that you have a clear indication as to what you want to have for the day ahead and what you are wanting to achieve in the long run. If this is now fitting in those pair of jeans that have been haunting you in your cupboard for months or evens years or just looking forward to looking sexy on the beach come your next summer holiday or the fact that you are losing weight for health reasons.

10.Set a date

Make a point of sitting with your dairy once a week and going over the weeks eating and emotional connected habits and see how you can improve for the week ahead. Make this a weekly thing as this will help keep you on track and also have a goal in mind. Set your self small goals and then try and achieve then every week.

You will see how this will help your weight loss effort and how this all will help keep you on track during your weight loss journey. Whiles on our weight loss program we also recommend keeping a journal so we can support you and help on your weight loss journey.

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