10 Things YOU Can Control for your Wellness!

Congratulations, you’ve now lived long enough to make it through the greatest health crisis in global modern history. What an odd and uncertain time in history. We have so many things that are out of our control. We can’t enjoy date nights in restaurants. We can’t travel to see family and friends. We shouldn’t go out. We can’t gather with our friends or attend worship. Our children can’t go to school and may not even graduate on time. We can’t enjoy concerts, movie theaters, plays or sporting events.

As you can see, there’s a lot we can’t do. However, there’s still so much we CAN do that is 100% within our control. In times like this, it’s all about a healthy mindset. It’s important to focus on what we CAN do and control in a positive and healthy way.

Top 10 things we CAN do while this Coronavirus crisis passes through history:

1. Pick up the phone and call (not text) someone you love and haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe your grandma, a cousin, a high school or college friend you used to be close with. We all have those people we think about calling but never do.  What a wonderful opportunity to reconnect. Feel free to call your mom— she will love it!

in2. Focus on health. It’s time to kickstart your plan to goal again. Add a sunset yoga or stretching. Take the dog for a walk. Get your meals on point!  Be honest, you had a New Year’s resolution to work out and get healthy and then life happened. Now here’s your chance! Bonus: Losing weight is an excellent way to reduce stress & boost your immune system too. Call a Diet Doctor Coach to get you on track!!

3. Build your faith. Pray 10 minutes each day for the people and families who are most affected by this crisis. Remember, others have been hit much harder in terms of real lost income or lost lives. The fact you’re reading this means you are ALIVE. Amen! Say a prayer for peace and comfort for those who need it.

4. Read! Read a new book. I love indulging with a good book and a hot cup of herbal tea. It really relaxes me and entails me.

5. Pick up the pen. Write your book or a bunch of thank you notes. For what? I have no idea, but you’ll think of something. It feels good to be appreciated. Let someone know. You might just make their day!

6. Start Cooking. We all complain we don’t have time to cook healthy meals— well, now you do! As a culture, we eat out way too much! Now you can channel your inner chef and create amazing, delicious meals for yourself and your family. https://www.dietdoctor.co.za/recipes/ is a great source of recipes and will give you an opportunity to make a delicious dinner that you’ve never made before. You can then share your beautiful meal and recipe on our support group https://www.facebook.com/groups/dietdoctorsa/ so someone else can try it too.

7. Spring clean and get the house in tip-top shape. Nothing makes me happier than a clean, organized home and folded laundry! I love it! Studies show people feel happier in a clean and clutter-free environment. Make a list of the top 10 things you need to organize, clean or fix around the house. Then get to work!

8. Enjoy the outdoors. Sit outside sipping your morning beverage. Walk outside and enjoy the sunset. Be sure to get fresh air daily. Nature is so good for the body and soul.

9. Find your inner artist. Draw, paint, write a poem, play music. You don’t have to play your music or show your art to anyone. Get creative. It’s an excellent stress relief.

10. Channel your inner child. Play board games or do puzzles with the family. Nobody said we have to be grumpy during this season.

10 years from now, we will all look back and either we will remember a dark, depression, or, just maybe, we can look back on the beautiful moments. It’s all in the mindset and how we choose to react. Try out these tips! I hope it helps you see a little bit of beauty and peace in the midst of this health crisis that we’re currently in. Stay calm. Stay strong. Stay focused on wellness.

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