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Meet our AMAZING goddess Pamela Ten Krooden, she was our happy December Gift winner and showed us how she utilized her gift to the fullest. This lady just captured us with her good heart and consistency. She aspires to inspire those around her and she surely does.
With an incredible loss totalling 23.5kgs and still going strong.
In her own words “If i can help 1 person make the change,sharing my story will be worthwhile. It’s not easy to get so personal but I feel it will help”

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Chocolate Mousse 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder Splash of Vanilla Liquid Stevia to taste Puree all ingredients together and adjust stevia to the sweetness you like.  Start with

Vitamin C Salad  1 bunch watercress about 1 cup, rinsed and roughly chopped  1/2 grapefruit peeled and sliced horizontally into rings  1 orange peeled and sliced horizontally into rings (or sub

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